Venchurs Corporate Responsibility

Venchurs Corporate Culture

As a leading service provider, Venchurs maintains the highest standards for ethical business practices in every aspect of our business.

Venchurs sustainability efforts exemplify our commitment to minimize waste, reduce our carbon footprint and conserve resources through communication, innovation and sustainable business practices.

Venchurs Sustainability

Venchurs formulates strategies to build an organization that fosters longevity through an engaging and open environment and employee development.

Venchurs believes that our employees are the most valuable, sustainable resource we have.  Venchurs employees go through a series of trainings; one session is centered on corporate sustainability, “Seeing Green”.  The training covers the three sustainability categories: environmental, social and economic.

Environmental Sustainability

  • ISO 14001 (Audited Program)
  • RRR Initiatives
    • Employee Generated Projects (Corrugated Reduction and Recycling)
    • Ongoing Energy Audits and Improvements
    • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
      • Materials and Resources
      • Indoor Environmental Air Quality
      • Sustainable Sites
      • Water Efficiency
      • Energy and Atmosphere
      • Alternative Employee Transportation (public transportation, carpool, bike, etc…)
      • Utilization of Electric Equipment, not Gasoline Powered

Social Sustainability

  • Partnered with local Goodwill Industry
  • Cause Marketing based Programs
  • Safety adherence to all State and Federal Regulations
  • Community Service based Annual Scholarship
  • Lenawee Humane Society Fundraisers
  • Local Businesses Used for Events and Catering

Economic Sustainability

  • Venchurs Provides Employees with Fair Wages and Benefits
  • Designs Corporate Business Models to Support Eco-Conscience Business Programs
  • Venchurs Code of Ethics for Internal Controls and Compliance with all State and Federal Regulations
  • Top-of-the-Line Customer Service
  • Energy Conservation

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