Mission Statement

"Venchurs will deliver outstanding value by providing the highest quality, service, and delivery at an attractive price to our customers by continually improving our processes and developing our people in order to achieve a sustainable and profitable future for ourselves, our customers, and our community."

Venchurs - Packaging, Kitting & Supply Chain Management

Built on a 30-year history of warehousing and logistics, Venchurs now provides a full range of supply chain management services for inventory handling, processing and enhancement.

These services are supported by sophisticated ISO-compliant, online data- and product-management systems that bring real-time inventory management as close as your nearest computer terminal.

From truck cabs to individual nuts and bolts ... From web-based order management to warranty processing and return programs... From product disassembly and assembly to logo removal... From package design to kitting ...

Venchurs provides a full program of product storage and distribution services as well.

Come explore the world of Venchurs, where you will find, Simple Solutions.  Solid Savings.  Specialty Service.

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