Reverse Logistics

The Reverse Logistics Executive Council explains the tasks involved in the implementation of reverse logistics, including:

Processing merchandise returned for a variety of reasons, including damage, restock, salvage, recall, etc.

  • Recycling packaging materials and reusing containers
  • Reconditioning, re-manufacturing, and refurbishing products
  • Obsolete equipment disposition
  • Asset recovery

Venchurs is able to administer all types of reverse logistics programs, including returned goods, core returns, warranty returns, and recall campaigns. And we manage all relevant processing and paperwork.

As an example of our forward and reverse logistics capabilities, we have managed automatic transmission exchange programs in which we have:

  • Managed inventory levels and received supplies of transmissions and torque converters
  • Mated the converters to the transmissions
  • Packaged the units
  • Shipped kit assemblies to dealerships upon notification of field failure
  • Tracked units to ensure return
  • Inspected returned units to verify compliance with the terms of the exchange program
  • Expedited disposition of cores for failure analysis
  • Administered all paperwork relating to the exchange program, transparently to the dealers, with full and detailed reporting to the manufacturer

Our sophisticated IT system allows us to communicate directly with both the dealer and the manufacturer, transparently to the dealer. This affords the manufacturer complete program control and real-time access to all data relating to the program.


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