Specialty Services - Brand Management & Long Term Preservation

It is common for manufacturers to source product from other suppliers, especially when it is not cost-effective to tool up for small-volume items. In such cases, the sourced product may carry a logo or other identifying marks from the original manufacturer which may not be appropriate for final distribution.

Venchurs can help.

Scrubbing & Logo Removal

We have skilled workers who can carefully remove all types of identifying marks, from printed or painted markings to molded-in and cast-in characters. Our people can skillfully grind, polish or otherwise obscure these markings, leaving a surface carefully matched to the surrounding area, with little or no trace of their work.

Likewise, we can repackage or repaint your identifying marks on nearly any kind of product, large or small. And we are fully equipped to produce and apply UPC bar code labels to any type of product or packaging. We are always happy to produce and provide samples, for your evaluation, of your product with markings removed.


Long Term Preservation

Economies of scale often dictate the purchase of products and sub-assemblies in large quantities. As such, products may be stored for extended periods of time before shipment to the ultimate user. Every end-user wants to receive product in "as-new" condition. And so arises the challenge of preserving items in such condition that they appear to have been made yesterday.

We know how to enhance and extend shelf life through the use of preservatives and creative packaging. We are equipped to apply oil, cosmolene, fluids, and other corrosion-inhibiting coatings. Our methods for applying these materials span a full range of effective, efficient techniques including spraying, immersion, conveyor, brush and others. All of our processes and materials are environmentally-responsible.

Once preservative materials have been applied, we also are equipped to further protect your products by encasing them in corrosion-inhibiting paper, protective films, vacuum sealing, and inclusion of desiccant material to absorb moisture. In addition, we offer climate-controlled storage areas.

All of these steps add up to careful and thorough preservation of your products through shipment to local, national, or even international destinations, and until they are put into service.


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