Supply Chain Management (VMI)

Many of our customers have realized both economies and efficiencies by tasking us with complete management of inventory, especially when their offerings include a variety of components from various sources. Service/repair and warranty kits are examples.

We are able to provide complete supply chain management. Customers provide us with bills of materials and often, but not always, approved vendor lists. We produce forecasts, issue purchase orders, coordinate deliveries, receive and package components, and then ship them as needed.

Procurement & Inventory

Because we perform all these tasks on a regular basis, we are able to achieve unusually high inventory turns and order fill rates, while keeping costs down. And, where customers' sources are unreliable or non-competitive, we are able to identify, qualify, and contract with new suppliers who will meet our high standards for quality, cost-competitiveness, and on-time delivery.

Our sophisticated IT hardware and software, along with our experienced inventory control specialists, allow us to continually adjust our planning and activities to meet changing business conditions and market factors.

Vendor Service Portal

Another key ingredient to our successful management of the Supply Chain is a State-of-the-Art Vendor Service Portal. This Portal allows Venchurs to effectively collaborate with the supply-base by providing a single point for electronic communication, as well as real-time information regarding our suppliers' Quality, Delivery, and Cost Performance. In addition, our customers have 24/7 access to the status of their demand throughout the supply-chain.

The result? Our supply chain management delivers order fill rates in excess of 98 percent.


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