Venchurs Global

Venchurs Global is focused on connecting businesses in the US with global marketplaces such as China, India, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and many more. Our management team has over 200 years of combined experience in international business including factory identification and qualification, contract negotiation, quality assurance management and consistently exceeding client expectations.

We specialize in providing sourcing services to US companies who are interested in having auto parts, apparel, tooling, and metal products manufactured internationally.

In today's global economy, doing business overseas can help you and your company achieve cost reduction goals and strategic business objectives. Many American companies are eager to break into the global marketplace but may not have enough familiarity with the laws, the culture, or even a contact in the country to get started. That’s where Venchurs Global comes in.

Venchurs Global will act as your strategic business partner, walking you through each step needed to achieve your sourcing objectives.

Our services provide are as follows:

  • Supplier Identification
  • Factory Qualification
  • "Feet on the Street"
  • Process Control
  • Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Venchurs provides all three requirements for successful global sourcing:

  • Identification of qualified manufacturing sources
    • Facility qualification
    • Qualify and negotiate with the supplier
    • Verify testing/quality inspection process
  • Quality assurance and supplier development
    • Ongoing quality assurance and reliable delivery performance monitoring
    • Ongoing cost negotiations
  • End-to-End logistics management
    • From the manufacturer to the customer

Our Services

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